Strategy 2016

Rethinking Generics

The reality facing the generic pharmaceutical industry today is a continuous decline towards a purely commodity-based business, creating tremendous pressures on operating costs. This provides both challenges and opportunities for Alvogen. The future of a successful generic pharmaceuticals company rests on creating a lean, flexible, multinational operation that overcomes the challenges of the traditional generic business model. History has taught us that challenging times create real opportunities for change – new ideas and new approaches.

We are rethinking generics, with a radical new business model that creates the pharmaceutical company of tomorrow. Our employees have an inherent thirst for change that is clearly visible in our business model, processes and actions. Like athletes, inventors and explorers before us, we know that there can always be a better way to do things, if only we dare to challenge the status quo and rethink the future. Alvogen aims to build a top-10 global generics player.

Purpose and Vision

  • Our Purpose

    We are rethinking generics by creating a radical new business model, that enhances quality of life and delivers exceptional value to all our stakeholders.

  • Our vision

    We are the pharmaceutical company of tomorrow, setting a new standard in generics by combining our collective experiences with an understanding of our customers' needs.

  • Our goal

    Our goal is to be a top ten global generics player. Three main pillars support our ambitious growth strategy: Targeted selection of products and markets, delivery of operational effectiveness and strategic selection of people and partners.

Our Roadmap

Targeted selection of products and markets

  • We strategically select our products and markets with a special focus on high-value and high-growth areas
  • Our marketing network is built around greenfield operations, partnerships and strategic acquisitions based on market intelligence
  • We focus regionally on difficult to make and value-added formulations and pursue first-to-file opportunities
  • Our product pipeline is formed from the selection of internal R&D candidates, in-licensed products, fostering strategic partnerships and targeted portfolio acquisitions

Strategic selection of people and partners

  • We hire innovative, street-smart people who are passionate about our vision and comfortable working in a continuously changing environment
  • We foster an environment where people can flourish and achieve their full potential
  • We work collaboratively and strive to build a dependable network of partners around the world to support manufacturing, product development, supply chain and sales
  • Our business model encourages outsourcing of services where feasible in order to achieve the best result

Delivering operational effectiveness

  • We are committed to highest quality standards
  • We use our resources and time efficiently and drive continuous improvement to ensure our competitive advantage
  • We use our global reach to enhance local efficiency
  • We have a consolidated and integrated global supply chain
  • Building on our strong Norwich foundation, additional manufacturing capacity and support services are located in cost efficient locations