Fjalar Kristjansson

A photo of Fjalar Kristjansson

Kristjansson is also a Technical Director for Norwich Clinical Services, a CRO in India, and he has taken the lead for developing a plant for manufacturing of biosimilar products for Alvogen.

Prior to joining Alvogen, Kristjansson began his career in 1987 with Delta Ltd in Iceland, which later became Actavis. He worked with Delta/Actavis until 2009, first as Head of Laboratory Operations and from 1999 as Head of Quality Assurance. From 2001 to 2003, Kristjansson was the Assistant Managing Director of Pharmamed in Malta, a subsidiary of Delta at that time, working on a major transformation of the GMP compliance of that company to make it fit for supplies into Europe.

In 2003, he established a Site Development Group for Actavis, working on developing sites in Serbia, Bulgaria, Iceland, India, Malta and in other countries. In 2005, Kristjansson took on the role of Technical Director at Lotus Labs, a CRO in India. The task there was to strengthening the focus on U.S. and EU compliance. He held that role until 2009, when he joined Alvogen.

Kristjansson is a qualified pharmacist with a master's degree from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy. He also holds a master's and a PhD degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Kansas.