Vision 2020

Preferred Partner

Our vision is to become the Preferred Partner by setting a new standard for the future of pharma.

Five main pillars support our ambitious growth strategy and are the foundation for the Alvogen Star-Map, which serves as the framework for our focus areas and the actions that are needed to become a global leader.

Alvogen Star Map

By 2020 these five main pillars will have inspired us in becoming a top-5 global generic pharmaceuticals company and a Preferred Partner providing a meaningful difference in the life of the people we serve.
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  • Best Portfolio – focused on building a well targeted and profitable portfolio
  • Best Quality – committed to the highest quality standards for all our products and services 
  • Best Service –consistently providing the best service and never being out of stock

  • Best People – selecting, developing and retaining the best talent
  • Low cost – a lean global organization with focus on operational efficiency and cost optimization