A leading global company cannot be built by one. When we play as one we unleash capabilities beyond our individual contribution. Working across departments and continents to build our portfolio, fund our growth, lower costs and bring products faster to markets and create an effective network of partners cannot be done by a single individual. Anyone can hire smart individuals.

The secret is to hire individuals who can make 2+2=5 through seamless collaboration. In order to successfully do that we must know each other well, and respect and trust each other so that the chain fueling our operation does not break and, more importantly, works faster and smarter than that of our competitors. Therefore, our success and competitive advantage depends on our W-Power.

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We are change-driven in our processes and actions. All our work is customer-focused and we are innovative and passionate in meeting the traditional challenges of the generics industry to fulfill the needs of our customers.

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By joining the Alvogen team, you will be joining our global network. We all share the same vision – we compete, we challenge the status quo and we make new friends from around the world.


Life at Alvogen

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We are on a journey to build a top 10 global generics company. We are determined to meet our goals and we will have fun along the way. Are you interested in joining the team, we're always excited to hear from great people? Take a look at our current job openings or send us your resume.

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