Who we are

When Robert Wessman founded Alvogen in 2009, his vision was to build the next-generation generic pharmaceutical company. He wanted to rethink the traditional generic pharma business model and set a new standard for the future of the industry, and he did.

Clear focus and dedication

Expanding from a 125 year contract manufacturing base in upstate New York (Norwich Pharmaceuticals), Wessman saw opportunities to enter emerging global markets and APAC regions. With a very selective and targeted approach to high growth markets and difficult-to-make generic medicines, Alvogen has since expanded into 20 markets around the world, with a total workforce of 1,700 people.

Under Wessman leadership, Alvogen has been one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. With a clear focus and dedication to deliver high quality generic, brand, over-the-counter and biosimilar medicines for patients around the world.

Robert Wessman is Alvogen‘s chairman and chief executive officer. The largest shareholders are CVC Capital Partners, Temasek and Aztiq Pharma, an investment company led by Wessman.

Purpose driven culture

Alvogen's purpose culture is driven by deep sense of commitment and determination to rise to every challenge to serve our customers around the world. The secrets to our sauce are the talented people, who have dedicated themselves to embarking on the journey to build a leading pharmaceutical company, and the way we collaborate seamlessly across our region.



...are bound by a common vision and a strong, colorful culture


...are committed to highest quality standards for all our products and services


...consistently provide the best service in our industry


...believe everything is possible


...play as one and we are all a part of a winning team


...take action and responsibility

Life at Alvogen

A culture of unity and strength. A culture of passion and optimism. A culture of caring about our customers, communities and each other is reflected in our actions, our brand and our color – yellow.

We are Alvogen.

Our dynamic culture remains our secret ingredient…….and it is so powerful because culture and engagement is almost impossible to duplicate.

Robert Wessman on the Alvogen culture

Global markets

Alvogen worldwide

The company has commercial operations across Asia/Pacific and the United States. Further the company develops products through R&D centers located in New Jersey (US), South Korea, and Taiwan. The company’s extensive pipeline targets global markets, either through an Alvogen affiliate, or with best-in-class marketing partners through Alvogen’s extensive business to business (B2B) network.