Ampules, vials and Seringes
Ampules, vials and Seringes

What we do

Alvogen currently has commercial operations in 35 countries, with regional hubs, manufacturing and R&D capabilities in the U.S., South-Korea and Romania. Alvogen's lines of business include: product development, contract manufacturing and research (CMO), and sales of generic and brand medicines, biosimilars and OTC.

Alvogen's product generic pharmaceutical portfolio consists of a broad range of leading molecules for the treatment of conditions in the areas of oncology, cardiology, respiratory, neurology and gastroenterology, in addition to a fast-growing portfolio of biosimilars, branded medicines and OTC products.


Committed to quality

The treatment of millions of patients around the world will depend on the safe and reliable product of high-quality medicines.

Significant commitment, skills and experience is vital to ensure the quality of our medicines and robust quality control and reliable supply of medicines to our customers and partners around the world are the cornerstone of our business.

Quality is a philosophy which Alvotech embraces in every step of its integrated process”

The Alvogen manufacturing facilities operate under the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to ensure that the benefits and risks of a medication are continuously monitored and well-understood by regulators, healthcare providers and patients. Alvogen maintains a pharmacovigilance system, collecting information over the lifecycle of each product.

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We are building a strong profitable base and infrastructure for our generic businesses in North America, Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe. In the U.S., our portfolio is focused on niche generics, patches, controlled release and narcotics.

Product formulations manufactured and sold by Alvogen include solid oral dosage, soft gelatin capsules, modified release tablets, transdermals, creams, ointments and injectables.

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Strong commitment for success in the fast paced and exciting new field of biosimilars. Through Alvogen’s sales network, the company is promoting and distributing a range of biosimilars in partnerships with third parties.

Alvogen’s sister company Alvotech is investing into the development of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies for key biologic molecules. The Alvotech – Alvogen alliance will strengthen Alvogen’s position as a key worldwide biosimilar player, promoting and distributing a variety of biosimilar products for many indications across several therapeutic areas.

Development sites
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Contract manufacturing

A long tradition of contract manufacturing for both originators as well as companies operating in the generic industry, through Alvogen's subsidiary, Norwich Pharma Services. With its 130-year history, the company provides contract manufacturing, product development and clinical services to third party customers. Norwich has a proven record of successfully meeting compliance requirements for regulatory agencies worldwide, including FDA, EMA and ANVISA.

Norwich capabilities finished dose form manufacturing and packaging include tablets, capsules, liquids, semi-solids and sponges.

Years history
Soft gel blisters

Branded products

Alvogen is focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of brand named Rx products through its subsidary Almatica Pharma. Almatica has a current product portfolio that includes pain, anti-infective, cardiovascular and psychiatry related therapies.

Our business model ensures competitive advantage by having broad in-house capabilities and a network of partners for enhanced speed and flexibility.


OTC medicines

Tailor-made portfolio for each market based on local expertise and regional characteristics. Alvogen has hundreds of products in its growing OTC portfolio which promote a healthy lifestyle and offer innovative solutions to everyday problems. The products span four major categories: OTC medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

Major Categories
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