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Building a Better Planet

Better Planet is the company’s global corporate social responsibility program that builds on Alvogen’s mission of making people’s lives better by addressing important social issues and making high quality medicines more accessible around the world.

Building Young Lives

Alvogen is deeply committed to promoting initiatives aimed at making the world a better place for children. This includes strong partnerships with UNICEF and the Red Cross on educational programs for youths in places like Sierra Leone and Madagascar.

We believe that investing in youth education can have a transformational impact as it provides knowledge, skills and the confidence children need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and communities.

Education also reduces child mortality and helps children protect themselves from violence and abuse. Making sure children receive quality education is therefore critical.

Developing Communities

Alvogen operations manufacturing and research and development centers in the U.S., Taiwan and Korea in addition to having commercial operations in 20 countries. The company is a major employer in many of our communities and has a positive social and economic impact in our surrounding communities.

At Alvogen we always strive to give something back to the communities in which we operate and this can come in many forms by getting involved in charity work or fund-raising events of various kinds.

Alvogen Day of service

Once a year, we hold the Alvogen Day of Service, for example, where our colleagues around the world reach out to their local communities by providing support. These projects range from looking after children at the Timothy Children Care Center in Seoul where parents are still at work after regular school hours, volunteering time and expertise in Norwich in the U.S. during the Day of Caring with United Way, or leading a kayaking adventure on the Adriatic Coast to support a cancer campaign in Croatia.

In our communities we are also keen to promote healthy lifestyles and support activities that enhance the quality of people's lives. This is why we sponsor various sports and health related programs which promotes healthy living and activities.

Ethical and Transparent Business Conduct

We want to maintain our caring, ethical and transparent business conduct with respect for human and labor rights, while doing everything we can to promote and protect our employees' well-being and safety.

We aim to be a leader in corporate responsibility in our industry and the company is committed to strong governance principles, patient, customer and employee privacy and ethical promotion of our products.

Funding for humanitarian aid

In addition to its ongoing programs, Alvogen also recognizes the need for some immediate relief programs for emergency situations that may arise in different parts of the globe.

In recent years Alvogen has raised funds to help deal with crises in the Sahel region, Somalia and Nepal.


Stories from local communities

Once a year we hold the Alvogen Day of Service, where our colleagues around the world reach out to their local communities by providing support. The Community Day is managed at a local level and gives us all an opportunity to reach out and directly engage with the communities in which we operate around the globe.