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Brand promise

At Alvogen, we place great emphasis on our brand promise. Being the preferred partner and set a new standard for the future of pharma with commitment to: Best people, Best portfolio, Best service, Best quality and Cost efficiency. This is our promise to each and every one of our customers. The brand promise describes our commitment to continuously make a meaningful difference in the lives of people we serve. This is imbedded in the entire Alvogen brand experience.

Our name

Alvo means target or goal. It also means exceptionally good. This underlines our commitment to the outstanding quality of our products and services.

The latter part of our brand name, gen, links us to the future generation and our vision to set a new standard in the industry.

Our personality traits


We’re forward-thinking, creative and inventive in order to enhance our customer’s lives by making high quality medicines more accessible. We challenge conventional thinking and our innovative mindset fuels our passion and energy to make things happen.


We are open an honest with all our stakeholders. This establishes an environment of respect, understanding and trust. We know the best solutions are built through partnerships and that is by working closely with our customers and business partners that we become the preferred partner. Our mindset is to think in solutions and overcome obstacles.


Our optimism is grounded on our belief that we an achieve our purpose of making live better for our customers around the world we serve and become the preferred partner. Our optimism is contagious, motivating and builds partnerships with our customers and business associates.


We’re forward thinking and we are committed to deliver the highest quality of our products and services. We care about our customers and our business partners. We are genuine in our empathy, and our top priority is the well-being of our customers and partners. Through our various citizenship programs, we reach out and support our local communities.


Our customers trust us to consistently deliver high quality products and services in a responsible and professional manner. Being dependable means standing firm and delivering what is committed. Being accountable, responsive and trustworthy.