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Compliance & ethics

Alvogen’s Compliance & Ethics Program (the Program) is founded on the Company’s desire to conduct business in a legal and responsible manner with a commitment to compliance and ethics. We are intent on consistently demonstrating this commitment and being a trusted and respected Company.


A Culture of Compliance & Ethics

Alvogen’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, guides our actions, by helping us make the right decisions and providing a framework for daily interactions between us as well as with the Company’s business partners. We demonstrate trust, respect and integrity in all that we do.

A number of resources are available to enable us to do the right thing the right way, including Alvogen’s 1. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, 2. Compliance Handbook, including international anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy, 3. A Compliance website with practical tools (e.g., standard templates, training slides, 4. Legal compliance and staff, and 5. Compliance and Ethics Hotline (i.e., Speak Up at Alvogen).

Our Program allows us to effectively achieve business objectives while providing employees with clear practical guidance and tools to mitigate risks and protect our reputation, a critical component to Alvogen’s success and long-term sustainability.

Acting with integrity and abiding by the Program are a shared responsibility of both the Company and each of us individually, ranging from the highest levels of our leadership team to the most junior employees.

Working with Healthcare Providers

The relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) provide invaluable benefits to the advancement of modern medicine. As global healthcare has evolved, public interest in the nature of these relationships has grown along with public interest in understanding whether any potential conflicts of interest may arise. In response, a worldwide trend has been launched among various countries and industry groups to establish requirements for companies to disclose transfers of value (ToV) made to HCPs and HCOs.

Alvogen believes in fostering an open environment to help build a foundation of trust, credibility, and respect among our colleagues, healthcare providers, patients, and the public. Therefore, the interactions with HCPs and HCOs should be driven by objective and accurate science. Alvogen believes it is appropriate to fairly compensate healthcare providers for the work they do; however, Alvogen does not pay healthcare providers for prescribing our medicines or as an inducement for promoting our products.

Alvogen is committed to supporting financial disclosure laws and codes as an extension of our own efforts to increase public awareness of the positive collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and HCPs/HCOs.

To find out more about Alvogen’s Interactions with HCPs and HCOs, click on the links below.