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Effective March 04, 2024

This document constitutes the Return Goods Policy (the “Policy”) for Alvogen, Almatica, and Almaject (collectively referred to herein as Alvogen for the return of Generics, Branded Pharmaceuticals, and Injectable medicines (the “Products”) purchased directly from Alvogen, or from an Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler or Distributor, by entities licensed to dispense and/or administer Alvogen products, and agents (i.e. third party returns company) that represent Alvogen Authorized Wholesalers, Distributors and entities licensed to dispense and/or administer Alvogen products.

This Policy also applies to Products purchased by Alvogen Authorized Wholesalers and Distributors, either direct from Alvogen or from an Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler/Distributor. Returns will not be accepted from any other entities. Examples of eligible entities under this Policy include retail and specialty pharmacies, hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, and physician offices.

Unless otherwise specified in a direct purchasing agreement, the return of Alvogen Products to Alvogen constitutes the eligible entity’s agreement to be subject to the terms and conditions of the then-applicable Alvogen return goods policy and will be the sole basis for reimbursement eligibility.

The following labeler codes are eligible under this Policy, unless further clarified within an acquisition/divestiture notification in which the notification will govern:

  • Alvogen – 47781, 43199
  • Almatica – 52427
  • Almaject – 72611

Terms/Requirements of the Policy:

  1. Alvogen requires the following information to process a return request: returning entity details (DEA/HIN, name, and address), remittance entity details (DEA/HIN, name, and address), NDC, product description, quantity, reason for return, lot number, and lot expiration date.
  2. For products purchased under the 340B Drug Pricing Program: A notation on the debit memo that the product was purchased under 340B and the HRSA assigned 340B identifier.
    a. Failure to provide any or all of these may result in the return being disallowed and the returned product destroyed.
  3. For products returned under a state mandated return provision: A notation on the debit indicating the state under which the returning entity purchased the product.
  4. Products must be in the original packaging with label intact and fully readable, including NDC, barcode, lot number, lot expiration date, GTIN, and EPCIS verifiable serial number.
  5. Products must have been purchased directly from Alvogen or from an Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler or Distributor.
  6. A customer, or third-party agent acting on the customer’s behalf, must supply Proof of Purchase upon request by Alvogen.
  7. Products must be eligible for reimbursement as set forth in the Products Eligible for Return Reimbursement section of this Policy.
  8. A return authorization (Inmar Return Labels) is required to be eligible for return reimbursement but is not a guarantee of return reimbursement – reimbursement will be subject to the eligibility defined in the purchasing agreement and/or this Policy.
  9. Returns must be received within 30 days of return authorization and/or issuance of return labels.

Return Shipment Information:

Request for Return Authorizations (return box labels) can be made by any of the below methods:

  1. Accessing the Inmar website at (you will need to upload a PDF copy of your debit memo)
  2. Email your debit memo to Be sure to include the below detail:
    - Customer Name, street address, DEA number, and e-mail address
    - Wholesaler Name, street address, DEA number, and e-mail address
    - The Product Name, NDC Number Lot Number and Expiration Date
    - Debit memo reference number and debit memo date
    - Reason for return and proof of purchase if required by Alvogen
  3. Fax your debit memo to Inmar at 817-868-5343. Upon receipt of a box label, actual returns are to be forwarded to the processing facility at the following location:
    Alvogen c/o Inmar Rx Solutions Inc 3845 Grand Lakes Way
    Suite 125
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050 Phone:1-800-967-5952
    Fax: 1-817-868-5343
  4. If a DEA Form 222 is needed, please e-mail, or fax the details of the Product to return along with customer information to Inmar Rx Solutions

Shipping Damages:

  1. Concealed Damage claims can be made if the following three requirements have all been met:
  2. Product damaged in transit has a signed BOL noting the damage.
  3. Alvogen has been notified within 15 business days from the date of receipt of shipment.
  4. The product has been returned within 30 days.
  5. Customer will limit approved damage Product returns to packages/cases that are damaged and unsaleable to qualify for credit from Alvogen.
  6. Customer must provide Alvogen with pictures of the damaged Product to be eligible for credit.
  7. Customer should contact Alvogen Customer Service Department at 844-842-8672 or

Products Eligible for Return Reimbursement:

  1. Product expiration must be within 6 months prior to, and no later than 12 months after, the expiration date included on the packaging label (i.e., “Eligibility Window”).
  2. Partial product returns by end user customers, if in original packaging.
  3. Discontinued product if product is within the defined Eligibility Window.
  4. Product upon termination of an agreement or upon a customer no longer under a contract, as long as product is within the Eligibility Window.
  5. Acquired Products - are eligible for return and governed by the Alvogen Return Goods Policy in effect following the completion of the acquisition as communicated in the Alvogen acquisition notice.
  6. Divested Products – return eligibility is subject to the product return requirements referenced in the Divestment Announcement unless otherwise specified for specific return events. Reimbursement for divested products, if applicable, will be based on the Alvogen Return Goods Policy at the time of return unless otherwise required by applicable law.
  7. State mandated returns - will be reimbursed according to the state regulation requirements and partials will be credited for the estimated percent or exact counts of quantity returned.
  8. Permitted in terms - Products where direct terms of sale on the invoice or offer letter from Alvogen expressly permit returns.
  9. Recall/Withdrawal - Products associated with an Alvogen initiated recall and/or withdrawal are returnable subject to specific terms of the recall/withdrawal notice and requested return actions.

Products Ineligible for Return Reimbursement:

  1. In-date Product with more than six (6) months remaining shelf life and expired product more than
  2. twelve (12) months past expiration date (i.e., outside Eligibility Window)
  3. Credit will not be issued for consolidated, or batch returns from multiple facilities or customers on one debit memo.
  4. When proof-of-purchase from Alvogen or an Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler/Distributor cannot be verified either by Alvogen direct sales data, invoice supplied by returning entity, or indirect sales data (EDI 867) from Authorized Distributor.
  5. Product received not within the Alvogen product portfolio.
  6. Partial Wholesaler/Distributor DC returns (except where required by state law), any opened or unopened package returns taken back by the Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler/Distributor from its customers, and all partial returns of opened vials.
  7. Product returned without appropriate return labels and/or approved authorization as defined in the Return Shipment Information and/or Shipping Damages sections of this Policy.
  8. Product returns where debit memo total return value is less than or equal to (≤) $100.00 in value based on Alvogen calculations.
  9. Donated products, free goods and/or merchandise sold on a non-returnable basis or marked as non- returnable (including short-dated merchandise).
  10. Damaged Product including, but not limited to, Product damaged by fire, smoke, heat, improper handling, storage, shipping, damaged at the customer’s warehouse or store level.
  11. Product obtained illegally or via diverted means or acquired for the purpose of returning to Alvogen for credit.
  12. Merchandise returned where the saleable unit container contains more product than was originally packaged (over packed containers).
  13. Private Label Product and/or Professional Samples
  14. Re-packaged product including products containing prescription labels that include any personal identifiable information.
  15. Products with missing or defaced labels (including invalid lot number, unidentifiable lot number, and unidentifiable lot expiration date).
  16. Products destroyed by any Wholesaler/Distributor or Third-Party Processor for Customer or Wholesaler.
  17. Counterfeit or imported product (product customer purchased outside of the United States and Puerto Rico or product not labeled for use in the United States and Puerto Rico).
  18. Product sold to any stockpile program including Oseltamivir when purchased in preparation of a flu pandemic, regardless of whether Oseltamivir is purchased directly from Alvogen or from an Alvogen authorized distributor:
    a. This provision applies to all sectors including federal, state, and local governments, public, private, not for profit companies and all other classes of trade.

Valuation of Product Returns:

All eligible products returned in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, are subject to valuation by Alvogen. Alvogen has sole discretion on eligibility and valuation for all product returns.

  1. For opened bottles, credit will be estimated to the nearest one-fourth bottle or by individual tablet count if practicable.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the purchasing agreement and to the contrary in this document, or required by applicable law, reimbursements will be issued based on the following:
    a. All Almatica Branded Products (Labeler 52427) and Alvogen Authorized Wholesalers & Distributors
    i. Eligible product returns will be reimbursed at current WAC.
    ii. In case of disputes, the current WAC will prevail.
    b. All other eligible end user customers, purchasing direct or indirect (physicians, clinics, hospitals, long term care, etc.):
    i. Credit will be issued at the lowest direct contract price in the past two years.
    ii. If a direct contract price does not exist, credit will be issued at the customer’s lowest indirect contract price in the past two years.
    iii. Otherwise, credit will be issued at wholesaler’s indirect contract price in the past two years.
    iv. Otherwise, credit will be issued at 10% of current WAC in effect.
    c. Reimbursement will be issued by Alvogen - to the direct customer’s open receivables account or to the Indirect customers specified Alvogen Authorized Wholesaler or Distributor open receivables account as defined on the debit memo paperwork.
    d. For non-direct customers, Customer may contact their wholesaler/distributor for credit details.

Product Specific Terms of the Policy:

  1. Teriparatide – Eligible teriparatide product returns will be reimbursed at current WAC. Product is only eligible to be returned at expiration and no later than 12 months after the expiration date included on the packaging label.

Third Party Processors:

  1. Returns from third party processors acting on behalf of eligible entities will be accepted provided the processor complies with all aspects of the Alvogen Return Goods Policy.
  2. Third party processors acting on behalf of a Alvogen Authorized Wholesalers, Distributors, or entities licensed to dispense and/or administer Alvogen products must comply with, and are subject to, the terms of the Alvogen Return Goods policy and Alvogen is not responsible for fees incurred by third party processors.
  3. Returns may be held pending verification of the eligible entity shown on the debit memo.
  4. Alvogen reserves the right to not issue credit if the customer and/or product information on the customer’s debit memo is incomplete or inaccurate.
  5. Third party processors must retrieve credit information from the remittance entity specified on the Debit Memo

Additional Instructions:

  • Products received by Alvogen not meeting the above guidelines will not be returned to the purchaser and no credit will be issued.
  • Alvogen reserves the right to destroy all merchandise returned, and in its custody, that is not eligible for credit or does not conform to the Policy.
  • All transportation charges, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Returned quantities will be audited by the Alvogen Return Goods Vendor and final credit will be based
  • on the Alvogen Return Goods Vendor count.
  • Alvogen reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether Product qualifies as returnable (before or after their return) and are subject to valuation at the time of receipt.
  • Recalls will be handled according to HDA guidelines for notification and reimbursement.
  • Return disputes must be submitted to the Alvogen Product Returns Department within 12 months
  • following receipt of returned product at the Alvogen Return Goods Vendor.
  • Alvogen reserves the right to limit customer returns to 1.5% of annual purchases.