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Alvogen Day around the world

30 October 2017

Alvogen runs a strong corporate culture which is trusted by various events which take place throughout the year. One of the most important event is the Alvogen day which every Alvogen office around the world organizes in the beginning of fall from September to October.

ALVOGEN KOREA EMPLOYEES CELEBRATE ALVOGEN DAY On Alvogen day bonds between employees become stronger, team spirit is lifted and some offices combine their social responsibility initiative into the day. All in all, Alvogen day is a really fun event where creativity of our employees in every corner of the world seems to have no limits.

To give few examples, our colleagues in Taiwan organized a picnic in the countryside alongside donating to the World Vision organization which is dedicated to work with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Alvogen in Makedonia celebrated Alvogen Day at a major film festival while our employees in Korea were working on environmental projects, planting trees and cleaning the environment around Nanjido park. Alvogen Iceland had a Viking theme and competed throughout the day in various teambuilding activities as did our colleagues in Russia who were working with the Alvogen’ s values.

Alvogen Day is an important day for the company and a major factor in contributing to our seamless collaboration across regions and business unit on our journey to build a leading global generic pharmaceuticals company.