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Alvogen in Harvard case study

05 April 2016

Alvogen has become the subject of a business case study conducted by Harvard University, one of the most prestigious and respected academic institutions in the world. The case was launched at the Columbia Business School in New York in December and will already be taught early this year at Harvard, as part of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) course. The Alvogen case is also set to be studied at other graduate business school classes in leading universities around the world in the coming years.

Robert Wessman, Alvogen CEO and Executive Chairman, had the pleasure of being present at the presentation of the business case at Columbia University and answering the students’ questions.

Dan Isenberg, the author of the new Alvogen Harvard case, states:

“I believe that the Alvogen case is an unusual example of scaling up a venture from conception (the “napkin-stage”) to significant global presence in just a few years, and provides an interesting counter example to what we typically hear about. Many of our students are hungry for examples of extraordinary value creation in large vertical markets, such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, media, construction, financial services and so on. The Alvogen case gives all of us an unusual and stellar opportunity to dissect and derive practical takeaways that we can all implement when growing businesses.”

This is not the first time Robert Wessman is the subject of a Harvard Business case. In 2007, Harvard presented a business case entitled “Robert Wessman and Actavis’ winning formula”. That case has been taught in major business schools around the globe, including Columbia, Harvard, and Babson, to mention but a few.

“I’m very proud of what Alvogen have accomplished over the past 6 years,” said Robert Wessman. “Being the subject of a Harvard Business case is a great honour and recognition of the great achievements of the entire Alvogen team. This will inspire us all to persevere in our efforts and stay on the same path going forward.”