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Alvogen’s Better Planet Charity Fund allocates funds for local programs

11 March 2014

Alvogen’s fund-raising for its Better Planet Charity Fund last year was a great success, with the Alvogen family around the world reaching out to family and friends to help raise large sums. Alvogen’s Better Planet Charity Fund was established in 2010 as part of the company’s deep commitment to making the world a better place for children and society as a whole, a process in which it believes we can all play a role. Through the fund, Alvogen actively supports a broad array of actions and projects, which are primarily focused on education, local programs and providing immediate relief to those in need.

In collaboration with local entities and international organizations, such as UNICEF and the Red Cross, Alvogen aims to reach out to the communities in which it operates. Last year’s campaign was a great success, thanks to the involvement of Alvogen’s partners and employees at all levels, as well as the creative ways in which its staff engaged with local communities and developed novel forms of fund raising.

As always, the fund received numerous funding requests for very worthy causes, and after careful deliberation, its Charity Board has decided to allocate funds to the following regions:

  • South Korea: for the promotion of equal opportunities and education for underprivileged young people
  • Bulgaria: for a children’s hospital Christmas campaign to help children with visual and hearing impairments
  • The West Balkans: to support a free call center and transport service for people with disabilities
  • Romania: to support the “Little People” campaign for providing vital support services to children being treated for cancer in Romania
  • India: School for the blind, which has been operated by an Alvogen employee for many years

The 2014 Better Planet Fund campaign will be kicking off in May this year, with the company aiming to raise more than $150,000 for its global charity fund, where the Alvogen family reaches out to friends and business partners for support. Since 2010, Alvogen employees have raised over $320,000 for its Better Planet Charity Fund, which has touched the lives of thousands of children around the world.