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Alvogen’s senior management team gathers in Iceland for annual Kick-off meeting

18 September 2017

Eighty people from Alvogen’s senior management team met in Reykjavik, Iceland in late January to discuss business plans and the company’s vision for the year.

At the meeting, Chairman and CEO Robert Wessman and other members of the Alvogen management team delivered presentations on their regions and business units, while members of various divisions met to discuss future strategies and objectives.

This meeting was the first of Alvogen’s annual Kick-off meetings in 2013. In the coming weeks, each country manager in the Alvogen offices in 25 countries will host a local Kick-off meeting to present the group’s goals, priorities and vision for 2013, along with local plans for the year.

“We are seeing challenges and opportunities in the generics industry like never before, driven by the tremendous force of changing market conditions”, commented Alvogen’s CEO, Robert Wessman. “Our annual Kick-off meeting is where we reflect on these challenges and devise our strategy for success in the coming year. Alvogen is now a big league player and we're looking forward to another exciting year of growth ahead".