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Are you our next partner?

08 February 2017

This requires different technologies, both when it comes to development and production. It also requires a good understanding of the IP legal situation in the global market. As is an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements in different markets and the ability to market biosimilars and small molecules through different channels.

This is what Alvogen has been invested in over the last seven years. One of the more valuable investments we have made is in strong relationships with strategic partners. It is impossible to have all the technology needed to bring the most valued products to market on time in-house.

Strong partnerships lead to business success. This is because strategic partnerships help generate new ideas and insights, increase market reach and boost revenues. The benefits can clearly be seen. But the challenge is finding the perfect partner for your business.

At Alvogen, we offer our partners all the usual benefits, but as a company we are anything but ‘usual’. We offer passion, diversity and flexibility – and true collaboration approach. We may well be leading the way for the next generation of pharmaceuticals companies, as well as being one of the fastest growing companies in the world, but we also value the fact that this success is in part due to the strong strategic partnerships we have forged with key research and development houses.

So, what does our typical partner look like?

They are an organization working in the field of research and development of finished dosage form, manufacturing or development of API or other raw materials. The products they are working on are advanced, difficult-to-make or wrought with IP challenges. These could be anything from complex generics or biosimilars to hospital products, proprietary products or over-the-counter drugs.

What we can offer you

That’s what we’re looking for, but what can we offer you? By collaborating with us, you don’t just have access to our wealth of experience in the pharma industry, you also gain access to a global marketing network across 35 countries. To give you an idea of numbers: Our 1,000+ sales personnel operating globally across 35 countries currently generate over $1 billion in revenue.

Connecting people, ideas and solutions

We are currently seeking strategic global partners who develop and manufacture advanced R&D products or commercial portfolios which are destined for the American, Asian Pacific and Eastern- European markets. With our partners, we co-invest where needed and we contribute our resources when it comes to R&D, regulation, production or IP law where needed.

We hope to forge mutually-beneficial, strategic partnerships with the highest-quality, best-in-class partners. In return, these partners get access to a world-class company with a global commercial footprint and a strong and proven track record in successfully launching products.

In short, we speak your language.

We enjoy seeking out potential partners, but love it even more when one of our future partners approaches us. If you think Alvogen might be your perfect partnership match, connect with our business development team today.

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