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Delivering on our promise during the Coronavirus Pandemic

25 March 2020

To our patients, partners and communities around the world

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, our daily lives are changing. We are constantly monitoring developments to understand how we can continue to manage the situation both internally and externally. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees and all of our customers and communities we work with around the world.

Our role in this fight against the virus becomes crucial as we look to work together to make sure that, even in these challenging times, patients who rely on our medicines will have them.

Since the outbreak, we have been coordinating plans around business continuity to minimise the impact and to continue to serve our patients, customers and communities who rely on us, around the world. We are ensuring our supply chains are unaffected, so we can continue to operate, making sure we deliver our products to everyone who needs them. We have built contingency supplies to make sure that we can continue to deliver on our promise. With the network of customers we have built, local teams are able to continue to serve patients in each market efficiently.

We are constantly monitoring changes and developments and taking all measures to mitigate any interruption. We have created procedures to ensure the health and safety of our employees to make sure that we can continue to operate at the capacity we need. Each of our local teams are managing this process and adapting as necessary.

As an industry, we are at the frontline in looking to support the world during this time of need. Together, we can navigate this situation. Our thoughts are with anyone already affected by this virus and we wish you, your families and your communities good health as we move through this.