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Kick-off meeting in Costa Rica

15 February 2018

This January the location for Alvogen’s ninth annual kick-off was Costa Rica which, with its beautiful surroundings and forward-looking environment policies, provided the ideal setting for a group of more than 120 Alvogen world-wide executives to connect and lay down strategies for the year ahead.

2018 is set to be a challenging year for the global generics industry where changes have been taken place over the past months, and the largest companies in the sector have been facing difficulties. Alvogen has always been a company that thrives on challenges so the kick-off meeting provided the perfect platform to unite our top managers and plan the year ahead.

In a speech delivered at the event, Alvogen’ s CEO Robert Wessman pointed out that the ambitious goal, which Alvogen had set itself when it was founded back in 2009, of reaching sales over 1 billion dollars had been reached in 2017, during a year of record growth in all regions.

Alvogen is set to continue to grow in its emerging markets in CEE and APAC regions and the U.S. is expected to show solid performance as well through our generics, injectables and brand business.

Over the coming weeks, local Alvogen kick-off meetings will be held around the globe to pass on the insights gained in Costa Rica and communicate the company’s focus areas and goals for the eleven months ahead.