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Kick-off meeting in Iceland

01 February 2019

This year the setting for Alvogen’s annual kick-off was in Iceland which, with its stunning snowy landscapes and magical winter twilight created the perfect atmosphere for a group of more than 100 Alvogen global executives to re-connect and lay down strategies for the year ahead.

These kick-offs have become a well-established tradition by now, but what made this 2019 gathering really special was the fact that Alvogen is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. This gave us all a chance to celebrate the heights we have reached in that relatively short period of time, and all thanks to your special talents, relentless dedication and determination to evolve – that indefinable X factor that separates Alvogen from the crowd.

But these kick-offs aren’t just about rejoicing in our accomplishments, they bring our leadership team from around the world under one roof and give us a unique opportunity to put our heads together and focus on the X-factor that is needed going forward.

The industry climate is more competitive than ever, but also one that is rich with opportunities. Alvogen has always thrived on these challenges so the kick-off meeting provided the perfect platform to unite, be inspired and plan the year ahead.

Over the coming weeks, town hall meetings (local Alvogen kick-off meetings) will be held around the globe to pass on the insights gained in Iceland and communicate the company’s focus areas and goals for the eleven months ahead.

2019 will be about continuing to swing for the fences. The future is bright and it’s time for us to shine more than ever!