Alvogen Korea go biking for a good cause

Alvogen Korea employees participated in a company charity event to support the local community by making a donation based on the completed distance off their bike ride along the Han River in Seoul.

The Alvogen Korea headquarters is located near the Han River, and the River is well-known as a scenic spot that many people visit. Weather permitting, you can see people enjoying a picnic, walking or doing various exercises.

In the afternoon, Alvogen Korea employees completed a 15km section along the Han River bike trail. Employees biked, while some joined a marathon as well as doing some walking.

Employees earned 1,000 WON for every 1 km they completed and Alvogen matched the amount and donated everything to a local charity that supports children from low-income families that need better nutritional options.

With the launch of their new CSR brand "Hellow", Alvogen Korea will continue to support their local community through activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for employees as well as the community.