Alvogen community day in Romania

For this year, our colleagues in Romania spent the Alvogen day of service reaching out to children in need by cooking and preparing winter supplies for them.

From cooking zacuscă (a mix of vegetables, based on eggplant, cooked in the pot and stored in jars for the winter season), to chopping vegetables useful for soups over the winter and breaking nuts to be used in cookies and other home-made sweets for the kids.

30 colleagues spent a sunny Saturday in​ September, in a semi-mountain landscape, for the benefit of almost 50 children - aged between 5 and 16 - preparing part of their winter meals. They chopped​, baked and then packed approximately 120 kg of eggplant, more than 70 kg of red pepper and over 50 kg of onion and carrots.

It was a real mix of intense team-work, fresh air, good vibes and fun! The Alvogen employees worked shoulder to shoulder with the volunteers of the ONG supporting children from disadvantaged families and some of the children themselves.