Alvogen donates 50 thousand packs of the antimalarial medicine Chloroquine to fight Covid-19

Alvogen announced on Monday that we will donate 50 thousand packs of the antimalarial medicine Chloroquine to the National University Hospital of Iceland. This quantity is sufficient to treat around 25 thousand patients infected with COVID-19. The drug has been used successfully around the world in the fight against Covid-19, for instance in China, South Korea, France, Sweden and The Unites States.

After India imposed a ban on exporting Hydroxychloroquine, Alvogen succeeded in buying Chloroquine from a producer of pharmaceuticals in India, the main procuder of Chloroquine in the world today. 

The drug is expected to arrive in Iceland this weekend but after a lockdown was imposed in India with only four hours’ notice last week, it was only with the great help of the Foreign Ministry of Iceland, the Icelandic Embassy in India and the Indian Embassy in Iceland that the drugs made it into the hands of the shipping company that will take it to Iceland.

The Chloroquine is a gift to the Icelandic people from Alvogen and we hope that it will serve as an important tool in the fight against the virus.