Worldwide offices

The company has commercial operations in 35 countries with 2,800 employees and operates five manufacturing and development hubs in the U.S., Romania, Korea and Taiwan.

Regional offices

Local offices

  • Albania
    Alvogen Pharma Albania shpk
  • Baltic states
    UAB Alvogen Baltics
  • Bosnia
    Alvogen Pharma d.o.o.
  • Bulgaria
    Alvogen Pharma Bulgaria
  • China
    Alvogen Asia Pacific Holding
  • Croatia
    Alvogen Croatia
  • Hong Kong
    Alvogen Emerging Markets Holdings Limited
  • Hungary
    Alvogen Hungary
  • Iceland
    Alvogen ehf.
  • India
    Alvogen Pharma India Pvt Ltd
  • Kazakhstan
    Alvogen Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
    Alvogen Pharma Kosovo SHPK
  • Luxembourg
    Alvogen Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
    Alvogen Pharma Makedonija dooel
  • Malaysia
    Alvogen Malaysia
  • Malta
    Alvogen Malta
  • Moldova
    Labormed Alvogen
  • Montenegro
    Alvogen Barice DOO-Dio stranog drustva u Podgorici
  • Philippines
    c/o Metro Drug, Inc.
  • Poland
    Alvogen Pharma Sp. z o.o.
  • Romania
    SC Alvogen Romania SRL
  • Russia
    Alvogen Representative Office in Russian Federation
  • Serbia
    Alvogen Pharma d.o.o.
  • Singapore
    Alvogen Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Slovakia
    Alvogen Slovakia
  • South Korea
    Alvogen Korea Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan
    Alvogen Taiwan
  • Thailand
    Alvogen Thailand Ltd.
  • Ukraine
    Alvogen Ukraine
  • Vietnam
    Alvogen Vietnam
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